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Soft1 Cloud ERP

Comprehensive, User-Friendly and Customisable

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 is a business transformation platform with a comprehensive suite of modules designed to meet the needs of Start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises in Production, Wholesale and Distribution, Services and Retail sectors.

The award-winning ERP solution has been designed with a user-friendly interface to take complexity out of any business through consolidating all core business functions into a single integrated system, providing real-time information across the end-to-end operation.

Soft1 ERP supports all core business processes, helping you more easily manage your financials, reduce your operating costs and simplify your supply chain, production and the entire business. It can be configured to meet specific business requirements with a very minimal requirement for any local IT investment and resources. It is therefore a solid future-proofed investment enabling any organisation to be able to quickly respond and leverage any new market challenges as they arise.

Soft1 is available as an OnPrem, Hosted or SaaS system on the MS Windows Azure platform.In addition to its own comprehensive functionality, it integrates with other common third party applications including e-banking, e-commerce and warehouse management systems.


Soft1 Cloud CRM

Engage with your customers from anywhere

Soft1 Cloud CRM is a comprehensive solution that enables you to more easily manage your engagement with prospects, build closer relationships with your customers, improve your customer service, increase your sales and grow your business.

Soft1 enables you to very quickly and easily gain access to the most up to date and accurate customer information which will then enable you to gain a great insight into your customer’s behaviour. Through its role-based mobile offering, Soft1 360, the core functionality of Soft1 can be used remotely, anytime anywhere from any device, with a full audit trail of all activity undertaken.

Soft1 CRM helps your business reduce its operational costs, enables your sales people to sell more, your managers to have improved business information in order to make more informed decisions and to provide an improved service delivery for your customers.

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SoftOne presents the new release of their award winning business software: Soft1 Series 5. See the advanced functionality of the new release and try it out for FREE!

SoftOne’s cloud-based ERP is the next generation ERP solution that keeps your organisation at the forefront of technology, delivering a personalised user experience with secure and reliable web & mobile applications. It frees up your executives to work from anywhere, achieve more and better serve your customers.


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Ease of use

Soft1 has a highly intuitive user interface, which means that you will be able to get up and running in a matter of days and very cost effectively on a subscription based “pay as you go” basis, managing all your daily operations across your business from within a single platform. It will save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on what’s really important for innovating and generating new opportunities for growing your business.

Your business on the go

With any new business you need technology which keeps up with the fast pace at which you are operating. Soft1 solutions can help you quickly identify and capitalise on new opportunities, and with its mobile offering, Soft1 360, can support your working on the Go, with a full audit trail of all activity undertaken.

Real-time visibility

Getting access to information real-time is key to being able to make informed decision making. Soft1 enables you to effectively manage all of your operations on a single integrated platform providing you with total visibility of your end to end business.

Small & Medium Business

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Intuitive user experience

Soft1’s highly intuitive user interface and its open and flexible architecture will enable you to implement the software within weeks rather than the usual months it would take with a standard ERP system. You will be able to quickly optimise your end to end processes to lower your operational costs, speed up your daily transactions and improve your financials and customer service on a single integrated platform. Soft1 will keep pace with your growing business and provide you with the valuable insights to enable you to identify and adapt to new market opportunities as they arise.  Most importantly, it will provide your people with the key information they need, when they need it, to enable them to work more effectively and contribute to taking the business forward.

Tailored to your business needs

Soft1 provides comprehensive out of the box functionality with best practices and preconfigured processes, with the option for tailoring to meet specific business needs. It will enable a cross functional collaborative work environment, whilst allowing for individuals to benefit from customising their workspace, including preferences, formats, and fields.


Remote working from any device

Through Soft1’s mobile offering, Soft1 360, you will be able to empower your people to work effectively remotely from any device at any time, by giving them the same access to information as if they were in their normal workplace.


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Control all aspects of your business

Soft1 ERP provides an easy to use, integrated single platform to help you simplify your end to end operations, accelerate your business performance, reduce time to market, deliver greater value to your customers and to increase your sales. With its SaaS deployment model, most importantly, all this can be achieved with the benefit of predictable fixed operating costs.

Stay informed and collaborate

The most important asset of any business is its people. Soft1 ERP quite simply provides your people with all the tools they need to collaborate and work smarter to manage your entire business with less effort. It provides rich out of the box functionality, spanning financials, supply chain, production and sales, providing all the information your teams need in real-time.

Access with any device

Remote working is becoming the new Norm and businesses need to empower their people to work effectively anytime and from any place. Soft1 360 is an innovative mobile solution which provides your employees, customers and suppliers with secure and reliable access to company information real-time information from practically anywhere, via the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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